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ESG assessments are the first vital step towards an organization’s sustainability and communication strategy. The process relies on both quantitative and qualitative data analysis to create a progressive plan, considering the organization’s current efforts and scope for performance enhancement in working towards setting a benchmark in sustainability.

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Emerging Trends: Geopolitical, Technological and ESG

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Overview of the Current Regulatory and Social Environment

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Review of Company’s Current ESG Status

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Discussion on ESG Risks and Opportunities

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Desired ESG goals (aligning to business strategy)

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Roadmap to Achieve Goals

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Narrative, Communications, Disclosure and Reporting Recommendations

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Insight to Monitor Risks and Demonstrate Performance

Stacks of Coins


Improves investor understanding of company values, purpose, and strategy

Broadens potential capital sources

Improves social credibility

Enables peer benchmarking

Differentiates sustainability efforts

Builds an organization’s sustainability profile

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