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Driving Innovation Through Collaboration – SIFA Strategy & SustainPlus

SIFA Strategy and SustainPlus have joined forces to provide holistic environmental, social and governance (ESG)support to listed businesses, private companies and public sector organisations based in UK, India and internationally. The combined advisory, insight and technical services include helping organisations to embed ESG within their strategies; understand related risks and opportunities to inform decision-making; improve resilience; drive change; and engage and communicate better with stakeholders. The services include ESG workshops, scenario planning, ESG risk assessment, stakeholder audits, Net Zero strategies including carbon accounting and target setting, implementation of TCFD, supply chain sustainability strategies, culture assessment and change programs, narrative development, reporting and communications.

Commenting on this, Anj Chadha, Director at SIFA Strategy, said: “Before the outbreak of this tragic pandemic, ESG, accelerated by climate change concerns, was moving up the corporate and political agenda. This is set to continue with an increasing additional focus on risk, resilience and a reduction in costs. Our partnership with SustainPlus means that we are well positioned to provide solutions to many of the ESG challenges and opportunities facing organisations.”

Anu Chaudhary, CEO of SustainPlus, added: “2019 was an important year when the Indian Government raised governance standards, ESG-dedicated investment funds were launched and ESG continued to outperform on the stock market. We are seeing increasing demand for ESG services and our tie-up with SIFA Strategy means we can offer a broader range of services to clients in India and overseas.”

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